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If you are a GRAPH EXPO 14 and CPP EXPO exhibitor, the links provided below will assist you in having a successful show. If you cannot find the answers to your questions, please contact our helpful GRAPH EXPO 14 staff or CPP EXPO staff by phone or e-mail.

View 2014 McCormick Place Work Rules Video

  • Easier, more flexible work rules for exhibitors
  • Reduced restrictions on tools and labor
  • Automobile and small utility vehicle lane (ASUV) for self-move in and out
  • Expanded straight time

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“Lead Generation – GRAPH EXPO 2014 and CPP EXPO – Pre-show and Showtime”

View the free archived webinar from May 28! This webinar covers innovative, proven ideas on how GRAPH EXPO 2014 and CPP EXPO exhibitors can generate leads now and through the show. With the use of simple tools –many are FREE– you can start generating ROI months in advance of this year's event. Find out HOW in this valuable webinar.
Topics covered:

  1. Free Expo Pass
  2. Free E-mail Templates & Blasts
  3. Lead Generation Tools – On-site & Post-show
  4. Integrated Tools for Maximum Results
  5. How to Generate, Find and Contact Leads

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“Lead Generation – GRAPH EXPO 2014 and CPP EXPO – Pre-show and Showtime”

"Free Online Customer Registration Program, Exhibitor Invites E-Mail Campaign & The GASC Channel"

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Exhibitor Manual

TAB 1:
General Show Information
TAB 2: Installation & Dismantling
TAB 3: Official Contractor & EAC
TAB 4: Drayage, Freight, Furnishings, Labor, Shipping, Signs, Electrical, Plumbing, Bottled Gases
TAB 5: Telephone, Internet, Cable TV, Facility Regulations, Fire Safety
TAB 6: Additional Contractors & Services
TAB 7: Promotion & Publicity Opportunities
TAB 8: Registration & Lead Gathering
TAB 9: Hotel, Travel, Chicago, Parking, ASUV